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When Should Dogs Use Whelping Boxes?

Your Complete Guide

Welcoming a litter of adorable puppies into the world is an exciting prospect, and during this delicate period providing a safe and comfortable space for the mother and her puppies is so important. That’s where our whelping boxes come in. These specially designed enclosures offer pet owners a controlled environment that protects the health and well-being of both mother and her pups. Here’s when you should be using a whelping box, and why ours are the best:

Before Whelping

A whelping box should be introduced to the expectant mother several days before she is due to give birth. This allows her to familiarise herself with the new space and become comfortable in it. The box should be large enough for the mother to lie down and stretch out comfortably, but not so large that the puppies can wander too far. The walls of the box should be high enough to contain the puppies, but low enough for the mother to make her way in and out.

During Whelping

Once the mother goes into labour, a whelping box will be the central hub for that birthing process. The enclosed space provides a sense of security for the mother, allowing her to concentrate on delivering her puppies. The sides of the box protect the puppies and keep them contained in one area, preventing any accidents or injuries. The floor of the box should be lined with clean bedding or absorbent material that is soft and warm, and that you can clean easily.


After the puppies are born, the whelping box will act as a safe haven for them. It will shield them from potential hazards and help them to regulate their body temperatures. The mother will be able to nurse her litter within the confines of the box while still being able to step out. The sides of the box can also prevent the puppies from wandering away from the warmth of their mother or getting accidentally crushed.

Growth and Development

As the puppies grow, the whelping box can be adapted to accommodate their changing needs. As they become more active, the box should be expanded or replaced with a larger playpen to give them room to explore and play. The box should be kept clean and sanitised regularly to maintain a healthy environment for the growing puppies. Be sure to provide soft bedding that is easily washable, to ensure their comfort and hygiene.

Our Whelping Boxes

Our whelping boxes are incredibly popular for everyone from first-time dog owners to experienced breeders. Made from durable, moisture-resistant materials and available in a wide range of sizes, they are suitable for all kinds of properties. With tool-free assembly and ease of storage guaranteed, they could be the perfect solution for your incoming litter.
To find out more about us and our whelping boxes, please do get in touch with our experienced team today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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